The Advanced Long-Term
Protection Wood Coating

COLTECH® TRANSELAST® is a high-built, fully aliphatic Polyurethane transparent coating providing absolute UV and light resistance, extreme durability due to high coating thickness, high elasticity preventing cracks and peel-offs, water vapor permeability in order to allow moisture to dissipate and the wood to behave naturally and extremely high resistance to alcohol, gasoline and cleaning agents.
As a result, your boat deck will look new again and will be protected from the combined weather influences and heavy use.
Compared with conventional Marine wood varnishes, COLTECH® TRANSELAST® will function and protect your wooden surface for many years to come without the need of grinding and reapplication.

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  • Wooden Decks and Stairways
  • Wooden Railngs
  • Wooden Stools
  • Wooden Masts
  • Wooden Crates
  • Wooden Rope Ends
  • Easy application, ready-to-use
  • UV and weather resistant
  • When applied, creates an extremly durable, transparent, high-thickness membrane
  • Elastic and therefore does not crack and peel-off as other conventional low-thickness wood varnishes
  • Heavy-duty, abrasion and pedestrian traffic resistant
  • Salt water and chemically resistant
  • Breathable - lets the wood behave naturally
  • Long life span